A good translation is clear and reads fluently. The extent to which a translation fulfils these criteria depends on the skill of the translator. However, the customer’s requirements of the translation are crucial too. For this reason, my work is also guided by your requirements and objectives.

Linguistic expertise, consummate style and in-depth expert knowledge are the hallmarks of my translations. Detailed research is as much a priority as the thourough editing and revision of the text. As a quality control measure, all of my translations are checked for grammar, spelling and style by another experienced translator. This ensures that the translation you receive provides the optimum solution to your requirements.  

Language combinations

English, French, Swedish, Serbo-Croatian ➝  German

Specialist translations in the life sciences

I have been translating texts in the area of clinical medicine since the beginning of my career. Over time, my professional interest expanded to encompass the general area of the life sciences and I now specialise in the following interdisciplinary fields:

  • Clinical medicine, in particular neurology and associated fields
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical-pharmaceutical biotechnology

Text types: life sciences translations

Pharmaceutical product information (package inserts), theses, articles for publication in specialist journals, clinical studies, patient information, presentations, training material, marketing material, websites, scientific reviews, etc.

General translations

In addition to specialised scientific texts, I also translate general texts. These are texts with little or no specialised terminology that do not require an in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. A particular focus in my work on general texts is the translation of cookbooks.

Text types: general translations

Job applications and CVs, brochures, business reports, cookbooks, marketing documentation, non-fiction books, presentations, official certificates and documents, subtitling and voice-overs, websites, etc.

Life Sciences translations English-German, Swedish-German, Serbocroatian-German and French-German.