Editing is an integral component of high quality language services. It involves correction, revision and polishing of texts so that they fulfil the standard criteria for publication and presentation.

Your specific requirements are crucial to the revision of a document or website: some texts merely need to be checked for correctness while others require thorough redacting. I provide the professional solution that meets your requirements. 

If you wish, I will highlight the revisions I make in “Track Changes” mode. This allows you to compare the versions and accept the proposed changes or retain the original. 


  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Appropriate use of language and register
  • Use of company terminology
  • Visual presentation (graphics, typography, etc.)

Copy-editing and content-editing

  • Stylistic enhancement
  • Improvement of content and formal consistency
  • Summarising and structuring 
  • Adaptation to specific linguistic and cultural contexts
  • Fact and source checking

Text types

Theses, articles for specialist journals, reports, presentations, non-fiction books, studies, websites, scientific reviews, translations into German and English, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.

Editing, proofreading and revising of texts.