Reasonable prices

Translations and editing projects are always tailored to the customer‘s specific requirements. Hence, each job is priced individually, taking the following criteria into account:


Translation fees are usually calculated on the basis of the number of standard lines in the source text. A standard line has 55 characters including spaces. The line rate applied depends on the subject, type and complexity of the text. 
In addition to the actual translation, the fee covers research and, if requested, the copy-editing of the translation.


The fee for the editing of texts is calculated on an hourly rate. Here, the crucial factor is whether the customer merely requires the correction of the language and punctuation or a more detailed revision of the text. Both the subject matter and the complexity of the text influence the agreed hourly fee.

I am very happy to provide quotes for translation and editing free of charge. Just send me your text – preferably in Word format – and I will provide a detailed quote.

All of my prices are based on the recommended rates of Swiss and international professional associations. I am glad to confirm that any quote you receive from me will be competitive and fair.

Farago Texte rates for translations, editing services and copy writing.