About Lydia Farago

Specialisation and intercultural expertise are the cornerstones of the services I provide through my language services consultancy Farago Texte in Zurich. I have 23 years of experience in the translation of specialised and general texts into German. Since 2002, I have also been editing documents. My customers of many years, who include international companies and universities, know they can rely on my first-class language services.

Main area of specialisation: life sciences

My main professional activity is the translation of texts on the application-oriented life sciences with a particular focus on clinical medicine, pharmacy and medical-pharmaceutical biotechnology. I have 20 years of experience in the translation of medical texts and am specialised in the field of neurology and its associated sub-disciplines. While working for the Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology at ETH Zurich, I developed a particular interest in biotechnology and became specialised in medical-pharmaceutical biotechnology as a result.

Biotech in the kitchen 

Anyone who cooks will quickly find themselves involved in the practice of the life sciences. Numerous chemical and biotechnological processes take place in every cooking pan, hence the kitchen is a real everyday laboratory. One aspect of my work that I particularly enjoy and value is the translation of cookbooks. The second edition of Zermatt for Gourmets, part of which I translated, was recently awarded the silver medal in the regional cookbooks category by Historia Gastronomica Helvetica.

Language combinations

English, French, Swedish, Serbo-Croatian ➝  German

6 languages + 3 countries = 1 career

My unique selling point as a translator is the rather unusual combination of languages I offer and my cosmopolitan background and experience. I grew up in the former Yugoslavia, Sweden and Switzerland and hence spoke Serbo-Croatian, Swedish, English and German from an early age. At a later stage, I learned French and Italian. I completed my diploma in translation at the Zurich School for Translation and Interpretation. Following several years working as a translator and interpreter, I studied German at the University of South Africa in Pretoria and completed my studies with a Master of Arts. A series of lucky coincidences prompted me to spend extended periods of time in England and Australia. There I continued to study and work while revelling in the cosmopolitanism of London and the Australian way of life.

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