Specialist in life sciences translations

The international life sciences scene is characterised by innovation and diversity. The life sciences, in general, and biotechnology, in particular, have become a pioneering and cutting-edge global force. Multicultural and multilingual communication has become a necessity for anyone operating in international circles. Therefore, I am dedicated to providing the professional translations into German that you require. 

Main area of specialisation: medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology

With in-depth knowledge and industry-specific terminology on one hand, language competence and professionalism on the other, I offer an excellent foundation for my technical translations. My main area of specialisation is the translation of texts on the application-oriented life sciences with a particular focus on:

  • Clinical medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical-pharmaceutical biotechnology

Other services I offer are translation of general topics and editing of documents.

Language combinations for translations

English, Swedish, French, Serbo-Croatian ➝  German

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Farago Texte is specialized in Life Sciences translation in medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.